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Company History

STIC-ADHESIVE was founded in 1973 to produce specialty adhesives and sealing compounds for Boeing and other aerospace and aviation manufacturers.

In the 1980s, STIC-ADHESIVE expanded its product line to include a variety of specialty coatings—such as marine paint, heat-resistant finishes, and camouflage coatings—to meet the demands of military applications.

In the 1990s, the company introduced revolutionary UV curable and water-based urethane adhesives to meet the early demand for environmentally-friendly adhesives for packaging products and footwear production.

More recently, STIC-ADHESIVE introduced online stores to sell our products directly, whether for industrial adhesives or mil-spec coatings. The company only sells directly, online or over the phone.


The company’s 100,000 square foot headquarters, laboratory, and production facility is one of the few buildings on the West Coast specifically architected to manufacture adhesives and specialty coatings. Our factory has an annual production capacity of over 2.2 million gallons and is located in central Los Angeles near the famous East Los Angeles interchange where the 4 major freeways intersect (map).